How Do I Maintain A Bromine System in My Hot Tub?

Fresh Water (FW) products are the water care products which Mainely Tubs recommends for complete synchronization and sanitation.


  Chemical Start Up (for new water):

  1. Balance total alkalinity/pH
  2. Balance calcium hardness
  3. Add 2 oz packet of Leisure Time Sodium Bromide
  4. Wait 1 day
  5. Check and adjust pH level


Once a Week:

  1. Wipe down the water line with a non-abrasive scrub pad
  2. Check total alkalinity and pH using test strips. Adjust with Freshwater pH/Alk Up or Freshwater pH/Alk Down as needed, following the directions on the bottle
  3. Super oxidize the spa by adding 2 to 3 ounces of Freshwater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer
  4. On a different day than you do the preceding steps (we suggest the next day), add 2 ounces of Freshwater Stain and Scale.
  5. Check your bromine floater to make sure it has enough tablets
  6. Rotate filters


Once a Month:

    1. Remove filter(s) and clean using Freshwater Instant Filter Cleaner, following the directions on the bottle. Be sure to thoroughly rinse filters to remove all trace of cleaner.  Filters must be cleaned at least once a month
    2. Clean the cover surface with Freshwater Cover Shield

An extra set of filters will help with this


Every 4-6 Months (depending on water quality):

  1. Terminate power to the spa
  2. Completely drain the spa per the instructions found in your owner’s manual
  3. If needed, clean interior of the spa using Freshwater SpaShine Hot Tub Shell Cleaner and a non-abrasive scrub pad 
  4. Refill the spa using a garden hose placed directly into the gray-capped filter standpipe
  5. REPLACE the Continuous Ion Sanitizer Cartridge with a new unit
  6. Make certain the spa is circulating before allowing the heater to operate




  1. When using a bromine floater, you will want to fill the stand pipe with tablets and adjust the dispenser to the number of gallons you have in your tub
  2. You may need to shock with Freshwater MPS Chlorine-Free Shock more often if use is high
  3. To suppress foaming while in the tub, use Freshwater Defoamer
  4. For oily films, soap, or heavy bather loads (cloudy water), use Bright & Clear
  5. To remove excess build up in plumbing lines use Jet Clean prior to draining, follow directions on the bottle
  6. For an extra deep clean, you can use Freshwater Hot Tub Filter Cleaner to soak the filters overnight



All recommendations are based on 1-2 people; 2 times per week for a 20 minute soak