How Often Do I Need To Clean My Hot Tub Filters?

Find out how often to clean your filters to make sure your water stays clean and your hot tub operates optimally.

Clean filters are the lifeblood of your hot tub. Without clean filters to trap debris and allow clean water to pass through, you won't be getting debris out of the water. The debris caught in a dirty filter will impede the water from circulating and cause the hot tub to stop operating properly or even shut down.

This varies based on frequency of usage, typical amounts of debris, oils, etc. introduced into the water, as well as duration of usages. As a general rule, filters should be cleaned once a month.

Your hot tub filters should be washed out with a garden hose or sprayed out with your sink sprayer in order to get out large debris.

It is necessary to clean your filter with a specific solution like (X) once a month. You will want to take the filters out of your hot tub and soak them in a bucket with a cleaning solution. Let them sit for (X) amount of time. 

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