How Do I Winterize My Hot Tub?

Hot tubs that are not used during the winter, like at second homes, need to be properly winterized to prevent damage.

Please follow the steps below from start to finish to winterize your hot tub!


1. Turn off both breakers or unplug the tub. 115 V cords should be coiled in the motor compartment.

2. Drain the tub.

3. Remove filters, clean them as well as possible, and store them in a protected location.

4. Remove filter standpipes.

5. Blow into filter hole, plugging any other holes that the air is coming back out of.

6. Repeat for all diverter positions and filter holes (if more than one pump), leaving blower on for 5 min each position.

7. Re-install standpipes.

8. Suck out all the jets. Remove moto faceplate to suck it out. When you suck on a jet, try to plug any nearby jets to remove water deeper inside the line.

9. Repeat for all diverter positions.

10. Get all standing water out of the shell.

11. Suck out the main drain for 5 minutes.

12. Suck out the secondary drain for 5 minutes.

13. Unhook a ¾” line connected to the heater and suck it out, both directions. Then reconnect that fitting.

14. Unhook both heater and jet pump bleed lines and leave disconnected.

15. Leave the drains caps off and the drain valve open.

16. Replace the cover, tighten the tie-down straps and tie it down completely. If clips are broken, replace them. The cover MUST be secure.

17. If possible, cover the tub with a tarp and tie it down well. Even better is to put plywood on the tarp with something to hold the plywood in place all winter.