What Is Total Alkalinity And What Should Reading Be For My Hot Tub Water?

Find out what total alkalinity means and what range it should be within for your hot tub.

The total alkalinity is a measure of the water’s ability to resist pH change. When total alkalinity is maintained in the proper range, conditions that might ordinarily cause the pH to shift are buffered and have little effect on the pH. The acceptable range for total alkalinity is designed to provide maximum protection against pH shifts.

  • If the alkalinity & pH are split focus on Alkalinity first because it buffers the pH. you have to bring levels down and start fresh.

Ideal range for all spas: 40ppm – 120ppm

- Low alkalinity causes the pH to fluctuate wildly

- High alkalinity will maintain a higher than acceptable pH, and the pH is very    resistant to attempts to lower it…Ultimately The problems associated with high pH come into play.


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