How do I use PhosFree Phosphate Remover with my FreshWater Salt System?

This article goes over how to properly use phosphate remover product for optimal water care maintenance of your FreshWater-equipped salt water hot tub.

For your convenience, the following instructions are available for PDF download - click here.

Startup/Water Change:

  1. Balance: Once your water is up to at least 95°F test the water with the Phosphate Test Kit. If your water tests between 0 ppb and 200 ppb no adjustments are needed, and you can move to Step 2. If your levels are over 200 ppb, please review the PhosFree Phosphate Remover instruction sheet.
  2. With your water at least 95°F and the phosphate levels between 0 – 200 ppb, test your water with a chlorine test strip. Adjust the pH/alkalinity and calcium hardness as needed to be in the OK range on the test strip. If needed, use Vanishing Act or Vanishing Act XL to reduce hardness; you may need to use a second one if your water’s hardness is more than 75 ppm (follow directions on the box). If your hardness is 25 or less, you will need to add an increaser. The target level is 50 ppm.
  3. Add Salt: Reference the last part of this document for a chart based on your spa’s water capacity. With the jets running, add ½ of the minimum salt to the filter compartment of the tub then wait 1/2 hr. and test with a salt test strip. If needed, add ½ cup – 1 cup of salt (based on the size of the tub) every 15 min until the test strip reads in the OK range. Then hit the test button on your water care screen to see if the gauge falls in the middle of the green section. If you are not in the green, you may need to adjust your salt further based on where you fall. To the left means your water is low and to the right means it is high.
  4. Sanitize: Add up to 1 oz. FreshWater Chlorinating Granules to create an instant chlorine reading of 5 ppm. Allow jets to run for 10 minutes per jet system, rotating diverter and water feature valves.
  5. Add in Mineral Spa Sanitizer to the main grey filter standpipe, replace the cap and tighten.
  6. Set Output Level: Access the water care menu on your control panel and set the output level.
    1. Please note: For the first week with new water, you will need to supplement the salt system by adding ½ oz. of chlorine after each use, or every other day if not using the tub often.
  7. Set Auto Clean to ON. This will set the tub to cycle daily for 10 minutes.

After each use - Run the Clean Cycle for your tub on your main control panel.

Note - If you use your tub with a higher number of bathers than your normal use level, turn on the 24 hr. Boost Function on the control panel. This allows the salt system to generate extra sanitizer to compensate for the increased use. If you would prefer, you can add Chlorinating Granules instead of running the Boost Function.

Once a Week:

  1. Rotate the filters.
  2. Test your phosphate level with the test kit and follow instructions on lowering levels if you are higher than 200 ppb.
  3. Test your chlorine level with a 5-way test strip, and adjust the output needed to maintain a chlorine (FCl) reading of 1-3 ppm.
  4. Test your pH/alkalinity levels and adjust as needed. If chlorine is 5 ppm or higher, pH/alkalinity can be skewed and should not be adjusted until the FCl drops below 5 ppm.
  5. If you did not need to change your output on step 3, you will need to confirm the level on the water care screen by changing the number up and then going back to what you had it set on. Failing to confirm can cause the salt system to shut off.
  6. Wipe down the waterline with a non-abrasive scrub pad.

Once a Month:

  1. Clean your filters with FreshWater Instant Filter Clean - thoroughly rinse before putting them back in your spa.
  2. Clean your cover with FreshWater Cover Shield.
  3. Follow the directions for weekly treatments.

Note - Filters need to be cleaned with a chemical filter cleaner at least once a month.

Every 4 Months:

  1. Replace your FreshWater Salt Cartridge. Make sure you are following the steps on the water care screen to replace the salt cartridge, as the pumps need to be turned off to prevent water loss and the replacement timer needs to be reset. The salt system will show a message that it is time to replace the cartridge.

Every 6 Months:

Warning - Drain and refills should only be done when temperatures are above 40°F

  1.  Drain the spa: Power the tub off at the breaker or unplug. Locate the drain(s) on the front of the hot tub. In some models, you will find the drain inside the equipment area behind the front access panel. After finding the drain, remove the cap and attach a garden hose to allow the water to run away from the tub.
  2. Once the tub is drained, you can wipe down the walls of the tub with a soft cloth, if needed.
  3. Put the drain cap(s) back on, making sure the black gasket is inside the cap, and close any thumb valves on the drain(s).
  4. Put your hose into the bottom of the gray standpipe in your filter area. Turn your water on and let it go until it is above your highest jet.
  5. Once the tub is full, power it on and set your temp.
  6. Once the water has warmed up, follow the Startup/Water Change section.

Salt Usage Per Spa Capacity Table:

Spa Capacity:

Spa Name: Maximum Salt Amount: Initial Output Setting:
200 Gallons Jetsetter Up to 4 ½ Cups Level 5
250 Gallons Provence, Kauai Up to 5 ¾ Cups Level 5
300 Gallons Sovereign, Prodigy, Beam, Martinique Up to 7 Cups Level 6
350 Gallons Vanguard, Aria, Flair, Flash, Bolt, Glow, Triumph, Florence, Reunion Up to 8 Cups Level 6
400 Gallons Envoy, Geneva, Niagara, Tahitian, Makena, Salina, Seychelles Up to 9 ¼ Cups Level 6
450 Gallons Grandee, Pulse Up to 10 ¼ Cups Level 6
500 Gallons Gleam, Prism, Vista Up to 11 ½ Cups Level 7
600 Gallons Cantabria Up to 13 ¾ Cups Level 7